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The ultimate multi-purpose spray to prevent rust, clean stains, lubricate and displace moisture | 300 grams

About this item

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 unit of Groz GO20 spray
  • MULTIPURPOSE USES: From household utilities to garages and industrial mentainance, Groz GO20 is a one-stop companion to all cleaning, rust prevention and lubrication needs.
  • ANTI-RUST & ANTI-MOISTURE PROPERTIES: With our revolutionary formula, protecting your belongings from rust and corrosion has never been easier. Protect the components and isolate closed systems like engines and motors from moisture, resulting in extended life and efficiency.
  • SUPER CLEANING AGENT: Get rid of stubborn stains, sticker residue, chewing gum stains, waste deposits on batteries, and many other difficult to clean spots in minutes.
  • LUBRICATION EXPERT: Spray on rough egdes and tight spots - GO20 will get everything unhinged and smooth, from old stuck nuts and screws to car dors and lock mechanisms.

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