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Tyre Changer Manatec

Tyre Changer Best |  Blue color Manatec
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Tyre Changer Manatec
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  • Model: TCXL -40
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Manatec branded Tyre Changers include Semi Automatic & RFT model.

TC - XL - 40

Semi Automatic

Technical SpecificationTC - XL - 40
Rim clamping from inside12" - 21" (305 mm - 533 mm)
Rim clamping from outside10" - 18" (254 mm - 457 mm)
Max. wheel diameter37" (930 mm)
Max. wheel width3" - 12" (76 mm - 305 mm)
Operating pressure6 - 8 bar
Bead breaker force3000 kg
Power Supply220 - 380V AC, Single phase, 50Hz
Power1.0 HP

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