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Nitrogen Filling Station

Nitrogen Filling Station | Manatec
Nitrogen Filling Station
Ex Tax: Rs.219,020
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  • Model: ME-NFS308A/EN
50 units sold
  • Suitable for 2W, Cars & LCVs
  • Compact design with 50L NFS tank inside
  • Portable unit with heavy caster wheels
  • Automatic Nitrogen generator shut-off after Nitrogen generation
  • Two sets of large capacity CMS filter
  • Automatic alarm for any error and work finish
  • Record last time setting data
  • Audible and visual end of nitrogen generation and inflation
  • Accumulated working hours display for the filter replacement
  • Large backlight LED for indicating pressure & time

Nitrogen Generated  PSA Technology
Nitrogen Purity  95% 99%
Air Inlet Pressure8 tO 10 Kg/cm2, 100- 125 psi
Air Compressor Required  5.5 - 7.5kw,10 Kg/cm2, Exhaust volume, 0.6 - 1.5M/min3
Nitrogen outlet Pressure 1.4  kg/cm2
N2 Output capacity
60 - 70 ltrs, 2.1 - 2.5 CFM
N2 Tank Capacity 50 Ltr, In-Built 
Measure unit
Bar & PSI
Operating Temperature 

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