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wheel aligner

Wheel aligner
wheel aligner
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  • Model: FOX 3D PT
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PT (Pit Version) - Designed to perform on Alignment pit.

  • Vision based 3D Imaging technology using 2 High Performance SI (Scientific Image) Camera
  • Simultaneous Front and Rear wheel alignment (4×4)
  • Push Pull Runout /Setback / Thrust angle compensation
  • Lift level compensation at adjustment level
  • Unlimited memory for vehicle specifications
  • Option for selection of vehicle specification during alignment
  • Power failure data protection
  • Automatic tracking of Left & Right turns for Caster/Kingpin measurements
  • Adjustment of Camber in wheel Jacked-up position & Toe curve measurement
  • Rear Setback & Track width difference,
  • Toe adjustment in single Tie rod vehicle, Vehicle geometry measurements
  • Effortless Toe (Easy Toe) adjustment program
  • Camber measurement at Zero Toe
  • Drag link adjustment
  • Toe out on Turns & Lock angle measurements
  • Animated pictorial display of angles during alignment
  • Zoom in option for live parameters
  • Two Color Bar display for adjustment of all angles
  • Quick Wheel Alignment program by user defined
  • Data Manager Software for storing alignment results
  • Customer Address in printout & customer data edit option
  • 3-D Pictorial & Two color text printout
  • Multi-lingual program & Voice prompt
  • Two wheel Alignment program by fixing only front two target plates

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