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Washing Lift 4 T

Washing Lift 4 T
Washing Lift 4 T
Ex Tax: Rs.352,018
  • Stock: 1
  • Model: ME-WL-4.0 T
  • Weight: 206.00kg
  • Dimensions: 99.00cm x 43.00cm x 56.00cm
50 units sold

  • Hydro pneumatic.
  • Standard model at 4 ton capacity.
  • Separate model with Spider Arm design for 4 ton capacity.
  • Plunger finish – Hard chrome plated to 20 microns.
  • Heavy duty rigid ramps accommodate a wide range of vehicles of varying size and type.

ME - WL 4T
4 Ton
No. of posts
1 No.
Plunger Diameter
270 mm
Operating pressure
9 to 12 Kg/cm2
Lifting height
1500 mm
Ramp length
4500 mm
Spider arm

Tyre rest platform
Oil fill capacity

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