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CPL/CV/8 Combination Plier 8 Inch

CPL/CV/8 Combination Plier 8 Inch
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CPL/CV/8 Combination Plier 8 Inch
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  • Model: CPL/CV/8
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BrandGroz Tool
MaterialChrome Vanadium
Item Dimensions LxWxH30 x 96 x 258 Millimeters
ColourOrange Yellow
Item Weight0.4 Kilograms

About this item

  • Manufactured to exacting international standards using the latest technology and finest materials
  • 1000V Safe: These are tested in accordance with VDE standards and insulated to 1000V AC for live wire working
  • Chrome Vanadium Construction: Pliers are individually forged from chrome vanadium steel, fully hardened and tempered
  • Enhanced Life: Addition of chrome and vanadium increases hardness and toughness of these pliers
  • Both these materials are rust inhibiting making pliers resistant to wear and tear thereby enhancing working life
Specifications for this item
Brand NameGroz Tool
ColourOrange Yellow
Height29.999999999999996 millimeters
Included Components1 Insulation Pliers
Item Weight400 grams
Length260.096 millimeters
Manufacturer Series NumberCPL/CV/8
MaterialChrome Vanadium
Measurement Accuracy0/-0.5%
Model Number31532
Number of Items1
Part Number31532
Size22CM X 5.5CM X 2.5CM
Width84.073999999999998 millimeters

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