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Rotary Barrel Pump V25/3R/SPL/F

Rotary Barrel Pump V25/3R/SPL/F
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Rotary Barrel Pump V25/3R/SPL/F
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  • Model: Rotary Barrel Pump V25/3R/SPL/F
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Product Description

Most popularly used pump for general purpose lubrication on farms, automotive,workshops & construction sites Pump features a dual directional operation that allows the pump to both empty as well as refill container Rugged cast iron construction with machined vanes for better draw & smoother delivery1


  • Pump inlet Complete with 3 pc rigid suction tube for use on 50-210 litre drums Wetted components Steel
  • Cast Iron, NBR Recommended Use Heating Oils, Motor Oils, Lubricating Oils etc
  • Do not Use WitH Water based Media, Acids, Petrol etc

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